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Welcome to the official Surrey United Cricket Club website. 
Surrey United Cricket Club been around for more than 30 years and actively playing in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL). In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Surrey United Cricket Club was known as "Wanderers Cricket Club" and was a force to be reckoned with. While “Wanderers Cricket Club" grew in strength from its beginnings and was still going strong when it was renamed "United Cricket Club" in 2005.  In 2011, the Club was given new identity and hence Surrey United Cricket Club was born. Now a new era beckons as Surrey United Cricket Club prepares to move away from the "weekend warriors" image to a professional run outfit with a mission to promote, advance, cultivate and foster the game of cricket on and off the field.  Other objectives of the Surrey United Cricket Club include:

(a)    To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and friendliness among its members.

(b)   To promote a spirit of competitiveness among the membership in relation to other Clubs.

(c)    To provide a forum for its members wherein they may relate socially to each other and other Clubs.

(d)   To engage in socially responsible activities via the means of cricket.

(e)    To promote, advance and encourage Junior Cricket in the Province of British Columbia.



We offer coaching to our juniors and to anyone else who would like some help tweaking their bowling actions, improving their straight drives or honing their fielding. Thinking about the future of the Surrey United Cricket Club, we designed training programs where younger players are exposed to league cricket and are groomed along the way. We practice at an indoor facility during 2nd half of the winter. We also do outdoor training and we drills sessions at the Sullivan Park in Surrey. We do pitch-in equally to fulfill all financial and other obligations; it is done to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute resources so that they feel part of the team. This is the key towards high retention level, loyalty, respect and a sense of community within a community. 

 Surrey United Cricket Club is an equal opportunity organization and is strictly against discrimination of any kind. For this reason, Club membership is open to all individuals irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status, and sexual orientation. If you are passionate about cricket as we are or want to learn how to play cricket then please free to drop us an e-mail at to start a conversation about cricket!

On this website you will find all the latest news about our Club, details of our rules and constitution, future fixtures, news, contact details and photographs from throughout our combined histories. 


  1. SU 1 v. Burrard
     SU 1 v. Burrard
    Date Time Stadium City
    11:00 am
    White Rock
  2. SU II v. WV II
    SU II v. WV II
    Date Time Stadium City
    11:00 am
    White Rock
  3. SU 1 v. NS II
    SU 1 v. NS II
    Date Time Stadium City
    2:30 pm
    Hugo Ray 2
    West Vancouver
  4. SU II v. Rich II
    SU II v. Rich II
    Date Time Stadium City
    11:00 am
Surrey United III received the most points in the whole league for 2016 season!!
A big thank you to our supporters for their generous and timely support.

Surrey United Cricket Club would like to thank our supporters  
for their generous support without whom the operation and adminstration of our club was  not possible. We are extremely grateful for their help in making us the club we are!
We are looking for players for the 2017 season. Please drop us an e-mail at